"Cleansing Eden" Review: More Murders, Please

After an inexplicable albeit terrific surge of UK interest in Cleansing Eden - The Celebrity Murders, the first review of the novel was posted. Here's what "Alexa" had to say on an Amazon UK review:

"This was an original plot, based on manipulation, drugs, celebrities and the media. It exposes the flaws of the celebrities and the shallowness of those in the media, whilst exploring mind games and psychological manipulation. I did find the murders and the kidnap a bet far fetched and it isn't that I am blood thirsty but a couple of more murders wouldn't have gone a miss. However, putting those minor points aside, this is well written and you can't guess the ending half way through the book."

I left Ms. Alexa a comment letting her know I'd be delighted to up the body count in the next novel. No problem!

Click here to check out Cleansing Eden - The Celebrity Murders on Amazon US (or here for Amazon UK).

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