Recently, I found an old journal of mine. I was enjoying reading about
my past self until I came across a page that had only a few words in
the center:

Jia, gyvysi timg, og auy dep'v sief 'ch'ot auy esi puv et exituni et auys lopfishesvep timg.

It took me a moment before I realized my past self was chastising my now
present self. But because I realized what I'd written, I'd earned my
past self's approval.

Yes, my past self was that cool.

The language I'd been writing in is called Patrickaen. My sister and I came
up with it when I was six and she was four. "Language" is probably not
the correct term, as it is derived from English and follows a pattern,
but it sounds very awesome and foreign when spoken out loud.

Since I discovered that, I've been having fun having my friends try (and some
succeed) to figure out the code. And every time I write in Patrickaen,
I can feel my past self give me a high five. It's a good feeling.

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