Come on! Have a listen to my story, Truth Hurts in podcast! It's very anti Twilight!

If you'd care for a horror break, you might like to listen to my critically acclaimed story,

Truth Hurts which can be heard in podcast.


Meet Desiree Dawn, the hugely successful author of romantic vampire novels. Follow her as she attends a most surprising party at a secluded mansion... !

Here is an excerpt:

"...At first they appeared bored. Languishing as they did on lounge chairs or occasionally sauntering across the terrace’s tiled floor to gaze at the moon or glance sadly at one another.
Yet if they looked dreamy, their eyes gave them away, for a mad intensity burned there. Like a needful glow waiting for fulfillment..."

From author Paul Cooley's review: "... One of the stories deals with vampires and a certain writer of same fiction in a way I've never had the guts to do and I laughed so hard I woke my wife up in the middle of the night. Mixing gore with terror (and the occasional humorous scene)..."

Truth Hurts appears in the Masters of Horror Anthology, published by Triskaideka Books.

thank you.


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