Coming Soon From The Trestle Press Authors: More Great Novels, Novella’s and Digital Short Stories for those hungry ereaders!

Michel R. Vaillancourt- “The Sauder Diaries-By Any Other Name” a full length novel

David L. Hoof-“ Just Machines”

Chantal Boudreau- “Insurance”

Malcolm Holt- “Crime Tyme Shots-Volume 2”

Graham Smith- “Harry Chambers Chronicles” a novella

Lisa Vooght- “Small Doses-Flash Fiction in a Medical Vein”

Amy Bennett-Rollo’s Journey” a novella

S.L. Schmitz-“Mina’s Daughter…The Harker’s Chronicles-Volume 3”

B.R. Stateham- “Call Me Smitty- Volume 8”

Paul D. Brazill- “Brit Grit Too” a full length novel

D.L. Coleman-“Killer Shot”

Mark Miller-“Stories of Queen’s Day –Holiday Inspiration From The Land of Empyrean”

JT Lewis- “Murder Close to Home” a full length novel

Paul Grzegorzek-“The Follow” a full length novel

Frank Duffy- “Between These Pages, These Places” a full length novel

Paul Christopher-“The Wolf and The Bear” a full length novel

Whit Howland- “The Cain Series- Volume 2- Another Town-Another Torch”




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