Contract Signed for New Release - 'Kiss of Life'

I'm thrilled to announce that Mythica Publishing will soon be releasing 'Kiss of Life' in both paperback and e-book editions. The novella is the sequel to my vampire tale 'Dracula Doesn't Live Here Anymore' recently released in paperback by Eternal Press, and which is picking up some great reviews from readers at Amazon. Graeme S Houston has once again surpassed himself with the stunning cover design for the book and the story itself takes up the tale a year after the events described in the original novelette.

No such things as vampires?

Kiss of Life from Brian L Porter

Investigative journalist Alan Dexter is beset by a recurring nightmare, in which the woman he met and fell in love with a year previously in Romania, appears to him as a vampire, calling to him in the depths of night. Convinced that the dream is a plea for help from the beautiful Christina Radaluć, Dexter tries to contact her through her employer at the Romanian News Agency, only to hear that she has been missing for two months. He enlists the help of his long-time friend and fellow journalist Karen Bailey, and the two intrepid journalists board a flight to Bucharest, and begin a dramatic and at times terrifying search for the woman of his dreams. As they journey into the mountains of remote and legendary Transylvania Dexter and Karen must face not only the perils of a Romanian winter, but the terrifying and brutal reality that slowly unravels as they learn the truth surrounding the disappearance of Christina.

Dexter and Christina first appeared in the author’s novelette Dracula Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, published by Eternal Press. Read the story of their first meeting and the series of murders they must solve together in the thrilling prequel to Kiss of Life, available in paperback from or in e-book directly from Eternal Press.

For more details please visit my website at or Mythica Publishing at

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Comment by J. F. Juzwik on May 6, 2009 at 12:47am
I've already said I need to have this book, having read the first. But this one's cover? It projects such a range of emotions. You can feel the sadness and yet, the necessity of what may occur or may have already occurred... You're not sure, but you know you need to find out. I'll be closely following the status of this one! Joyce

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