The only book that I have contributed to from the pen of Eadie Allen, is Cover Me With Roses. I thought you might like to read a description of the story. I write imaginary stories, short stories of a romantic nature, and I am just beginning to dabble in crime fiction stories. One of my new projects is titled Bride's Last Kiss.

My profession is typist, proofreader, promoter, and now budding writer. I just began writing in late 2007.

Cover Me With Roses (Summary)

Dina Mallory and Jillian Reed were best friends from the day that Jillian found Dina sitting by herself in the school library. Dina became Jillian’s shadow, following her from one adventure to the next, always in the background. I love roses, they are my favorite flower, Jillian told Dina. I’ll never forget that, Dina thought as she drew a red rose. She made the dew that fell from the rose, red instead of white. Red roses for Jillian, they matched her fiery disposition and the color of her beautiful hair. Jillian looked at the picture that Dina handed to her and smiled. They would have a friendship that lasted forever, the red roses surrounded them, Dina could smell the scent of the flowers. Jillian loved roses, Dina would cover her with them.

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