Today I gave a mini version to the Las Vegas Quill Keepers of the workshop I'll be presenting at the Las Vegas Writers Conference in April else? Las Vegas. The title is "Crafting Twists and Dropping Clues." It was very well received, so I can't wait to present it complete with Power Point and a short interactive workshop.

While preparing the presentation, I realized that one of my all-time favorite Twist and Clue movies was "The Usual Suspects." I revisited it and wow---did I ever enjoy the twists and turns. Who could ever forget the masterful performance by Kevin Spacey? Most people have probably seen it at least once, but it is well worth watching again. Even when you know the ending, watching it is wonderful. I'm not giving anything away below, because this information is easily found on the web.

The twist as Spacey's character, Roger "Verbal" Kint, walks away from the police station in the end and drops his feigned cerebral palsy is a twist of genius. However, it took an actor of Spacey's caliber to pull it off. He gets into a waiting car driven by "Mr. Kobayashi", pulling away just as the detective, Kujan,comes outside, searching in vain. The final moment of the film is a repetition of Verbal's earlier statement about Söze: "And like that... he's gone." But who is Kobayashi, and who is Soze. Watch the movie again if you don't remember.


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