Crime author Pauline Rowson entertains the lively ladies of the Young and Heart Club

I had great time entertaining the ladies of the Young at Heart Club (part of Brandon Care) on Wednesday 5 February. They certainly lived up to their name. They were a very lively bunch.

Against the backdrop of fierce winds, torrential rain and thunder I talked about murder mystery and mayhem. Very appropriate

I spoke of how I get the ideas for my DI Andy Horton crime novels, how I work up the storyboard and develop characters and how I approach the creative side of writing the novels, now ten in the DI Horton series with number eleven SHROUD OF EVIL being published in April 2014.

I also gave a reading from the second in the Horton series, DEADLY WATERS and took lots of questions before signing copies of my crime novels.

It was a very enjoyable afternoon. Glad it was in doors though and not out in the elements - a very stormy sea for my fictional marine unit with Sergeant Dai Elkins and PC Ripley, and of course with the hunky DI Andy Horton on board! Hope they reached the shore safely.

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