Crime author Pauline Rowson talks about her writing routine

'm often asked about my writing routine. Do I have one and if so what is it? How much time do I spend when writing?

Unless I am away from home on a speaking engagement, I write every day, usually for about three to four hours a day but this varies depending on the stage of the novel and whether I need to break off to conduct some research. Sometimes for days on end if the flow is going or I am nearing the end of the novel I can spend eight hours writing, not good for the back and if it wasn't for my husband feeding me I'd forget to eat!

I don’t have a set routine although having said that I usually write most evenings between 5pm until 7.30pm.

Every author is different and it takes a while to refine your methods and set your routine, some writers don't even have a routine. It also obviously depends on your commitments. I love writing and researching and hope to be able to continue doing so for many more novels to come.

I'm now working on a new DI Horton crime novel which will be number ten in the series.

In For The Kill - thriller - Pauline Rowson

I've also written two thrillers, In Cold Daylight and In For The Kill.

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