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The Deadly Gamble

The Suspects

Here is the list of suspects based on access and motive.


Husband – Kevin Matthews
Doubled wife’s life insurance policy from one to two million dollars shortly after catching his wife having an affair with the last pool boy.


Sister in law – Daniela also known as Kitty
Professional poker player. Disliked her brothers wife. Rumored to have had an affair with the pool boy who Mr. Matthews thinks is gay.


Maid – Audrey
Likes to play the Power Ball lottery. Would loose her job if the Matthews move to Florida.


Butler – Antonio
Would also be out of a job.


Grounds keeper – Pablo
Likes to bet on the horses. Owed Mrs. Robinson a large sum of money. She threaten to withhold his pay until the debt was paid.  


The Chauffeur - Chris

Will bet on anything.  Once placed a wager on how long it would take a bead of sweat to drop from a mans face.  Had joked with the staff about killing the pool boy.


Video #2 Items from the Crime Scene

Including the murder weapon






The Deadly Gamble -- Part 2 Crime Scene & Suspects


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