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• The Twitter-verse is a-flutter with the news that Zen is already sleeping with the fishes after just three pretty well-received episodes, thanks to the BBC's new godfather of BBC1, Danny Cohen. It pulled in a good average audience of 5.7m viewers, and got warm reviews, the Mail on Sunday calling it, 'compelling, stylish and intelligent' (see crimetimepreview's review here). Its first episode beat ITV's long-running Marple. The Radio Times website has a large number of fans condemning the Beeb's 'madness'. And if you check out Twitter there has been outrage, and even a petition for its return. But for reasons unknown, Danny Cohen doesn't like it, and so the Rufus Sewell drama is being touted by Left Bank, who make it, to other broadcasters. Ciao, for now, Aurelio.

• Listen out for Emerald Noir – The Rise of Irish Crime Fiction on BBC Radio 4 (Tuesday 8th, 11.30am). Val McDermid presents this insightful look at the rise of crime fiction on both sides of the border since the peace process in the North, and boom and bust in the south. Tana French, Eoin McNamee, Stuart Neville and Ruth Dudley Edwards are among the terrific authors in this new crime wave. Declan Burke, top crime fiction blogger, also takes listeners on a tour of Dublin locations featured in crime novels.

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