David Lender Talks About His New Best-Selling Thriller Vaccine Nation

A few days ago I was pleased to have best-selling and newly Thomas & Mercer signed thriller writer, David Lender, as my guest on my blog. 

David Lender is the Amazon best-selling author of The Gravy Train, Trojan HorseBull Street, and his latest novel, Vaccine Nation, which just came out November 22nd.  Right now, you can get ALL of David's fantastic books FREE if you are a member of Amazon Prime.
Vaccine Nation is a fast-paced thriller about an award-winning documentary filmmaker who is handed “whistleblower” evidence about the U.S. vaccination program, and then races to expose it before a megalomaniacal drug company CEO can have her killed.


And to read the full interview and learn more about his books, click here:


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