Debut novels sometimes are a bummer, butonce in a while you find that one has it running on all cylinders;  that is Delirious. This is a novel thatmixes elements of a few genres together, but ...

“One day, Charlie Gilesis an up-and-coming electronics superstar. The next, he's a prime homicidesuspect as his former employers are picked off one by one. Charlie watches hislife unravel as his company and inventions are wrenched from his control, andhis family is decimated. With nowhere else to turn, he enlists hisschizophrenic brother to uncover the dark family secrets that lie at the heartof the unfolding terror. "Delirious" is a mind-bending story wherethe line between what is real and what is imagined twists and turns...anaddictive literary puzzle that every reader will want to solve.”

I like the way thisnovel goes about its business, it basically is like reading a high speed carchase on a curvy cliff without much shoulder on the road. The twists and turnscome right at you, the novel takes changes of pace with ease, and the pageskeep turning and turning right up to the end. Charlie Giles is given quite theride: we get to see him at his best, his worst and the in-between. Trying tofigure this out is too much fun and the ride with Charlie should not be passedup. 

 My expectations were just not met but exceededin Delirious.The novel doesn’t release till January 25, so to get in on this you would needto preorder the novel. To do that, you can click through on the Amazon iconhere on the blog.

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