I have to say right from the get go that I am a huge fan of David Rollin’s work. You may want to read what I am going to write with a grain of salt. Vin Cooper is one of my favorite fictional characters. David Rollins
doesn’t have a dozen novels with the character under his belt like some in the
genre, but that has been part of the ride for me; I got in on the ground floor.
The other novels in the series are A Knife Edge, and The Death Trust, both excellent,
just my opinion.

David Rollins has put together another incredible ride in Hard Rain. Special Agent Vin Cooper is in all his glory and he is one amazingly crafty, savvy, smart ass. The wit and humor that flows through the novel is
cutting, laugh out loud. If you are a lawyer (I am not spoiling
anything),expect a few jokes at your occupation’s expense. I personally loved
them all; I wish there were a few more. Rollins has a gift of being able to
inject the humor into the storyline not as a distraction , but a way of making
his main character more human and believable , thus enhancing our experience. I guess what I
am trying to say is that it all works and fits in the right places; nothing
seem to be out of line.

The plotline is a serious one and made me think more about the sacrifices made by those that defend us, and the way our government works to care for them afterward. The seed is planted, registered, and received
without the overbearing sledgehammer. Hard Rain is a great ride. Once I got it
in my hands and started to read it, I knew I didn’t want to stop. Rollins
crafts an excellent novel and executes it very well. The ride doesn’t end till
the very last word; I love it. He makes us care about his characters and their
quest for justice for those wronged. Vin Cooper is worse than a dog with a new
bone, he just won’t let things go, and it takes him places that he didn’t think
he would be, wise cracking the whole time. If you enjoy this genre of novels in
the least, you need to give this novel a go. At the minimum start with A Knifes
Edge and begin the journey; Vin Cooper and David Rollins are that good. This
novel comes out in paperback form at the end of the month, click on the Amazon
box and enjoy the ride.

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