Dead of Knight by William R. Potter is available in the Amazon Kindle store!

Dead of Knight by William R. Potter is available in the Amazon Kindle store!

A serial killer is on the loose, terrorizing the unsuspecting citizens of rural Hanson, British Columbia. Dubbed the "Birthday Boy" by the media, the sadistic menace chooses to target only women on their

As his horrific crusade escalates, Birthday Boy soon falls square in the sights of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police - that is, only if Jack Staal doesn't get to him first. Anxious to solve what will surely prove to
be the biggest case of his career, Staal strives to stay one step ahead of the
Mounties in his pursuit to uncover the Birthday Boy's true identity and bring an
end to his reign of terror...of course, that's only if he manages to avoid
becoming the crazed killer's latest victim...

With taut, gripping action and a pulsing storyline, Dead Of Knight is a can't miss mystery thriller. The
skillfully penned narrative from author William Potter shifts seamlessly from
the perspective of cop to killer as the action unfolds, ensuring that readers
stay on their toes with each fresh turn of the page. Furthermore, Potter
masterfully maintains the suspense of his tale with a series of ingenious twists
and turns along the way, treating the reader to a cleverly crafted whodunit with
the capacity to befuddle even the most discerning of mystery buffs. As a result,
Dead Of Knight succeeds brilliantly where many other offerings in the genre
often fail, all without having to pander or overreach in order to do so.

Fast-paced and engaging, Dead Of Knight is an equally enlightening and entertaining read. Kudos to Potter for crafting such a compelling instant
classic sure to be hailed for years to come.

Josee Morgan
Apex Reviews

Dead of Knight

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