Hi folks, I'm new. It's a pleasure to join your community.

I write crime/mystery/literary. I am currently seeking an agent for my novel, "Dear Dad, They're Dead, A Love Story," and have begun a prequel, "Our Father Who Art in Jail."

My long short story DEATH BY LESBIAN is available as a free download at Freeditorial.com. When you arrrive at the site, click on "Read Recent Contest Entries," When that page opens scroll down to my story (shd. be #8 or so) and you can download from there.

Shamelss hussy that I am, I do request your support as I get points for the download, but you'll enjoy the story too and I would be eager to hear your thought regarding it.

I also look forward to reading your work and supporting your efforts. Fact is, I love writers and being one.

Lanny Larcinese

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