Excerpt from Death Dealer
by Lawrence Johnson Sr.

Not knowing when the deal was going down Steele dropped his bags off in the room and reached the marina just in time to see the Strictly Business and the second boat dock. Steele staked out a secluded spot about a
block from the yacht and watched through his night vision glasses. Damn, six guards, he muttered to himself.
Getting aboard the boat would be damn near impossible. He would have to intercept Dr. D’s deadly
drug before it reached the ship. Who was
the traitor? The doctor was not going to
just stroll onto the ship and spray the chemicals on the drugs so he must have
someone working on the inside.
Steele took photos of all the men as they milled about on the boat, by
the time he was finished the man himself had finally made an appearance. Fat Daddy had lived up to his name. Wearing a single gold earring, a gold chain,
and sky blue shirt with pants to match the Drug Lord easily tipped the scales
at 300 pounds. His clothes fluttered in
the salty night breeze as he puffed on his fat cigar. He turned as he heard the footsteps of a trim
muscular man in his thirties approaching from the boat. The man dressed in black wore a tight fitting
short sleeved shirt and long pants. It
took a few seconds for the face to register but the man in black was named
Ramone. Steele had caught a lucky break.
Ramone used to work for Trench. Steele was sure that he was the man on the
inside. As Steele anticipated the fat
man could not wait to get to the casino, he made a beeline to the poker table
but for the moment Steele was not concerned about Fat Daddy’s whereabouts. He knew that Ramone would lead him to Dr. D
and the poison they were going to use to taint the cocaine.

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