If you have seen my exploits at all, you have seen lately I have been off of the grid due to something insignificant and small like a hurricane passing through our neighborhood. Besides getting to spend quality time with my family and enjoying playing a variety of board games with everybody I decided since the only thing I could use the computer for was to get into Word documents I was going to scroll through and see if maybe there were a few things I have read but never posted on. Low and behold I found a few, all digital short stories, that for one reason or another slipped through my posting schedule. One of them is from H.R. Toye’s body of work and the Debtor’s Chip horror series she has so well put together.

The Debtor’s Chip series of digital shorts is a very vivid accounting of life and what some individuals will do to give into their dark side and the consequences for it. How their life gets destroyed, how they have self- imploded, and they are left with the nagging question of how they are going to pay up once that chip, the only thing have left, the marker ,needs to be repaid. In the shadows there is an entity of mystery, lurking, waiting , to have that “Debtor’s Chip” repaid, to make things come even. How? Why? When? In What Form? These are all good questions that are answered thus far in this tantalizing series. The writing ability of this author is strong, carries plenty of weight with subject matter that is not humorous, and strikes a current that flows right down to your soul. The three installments thus far in the “Debtor’s Chip” series are: “Devin”, “Frederick” and “Aurora”. Each can be read as a stand-alone, but to get the full flav of this series and to get a glimpse of the lurking entity in each installment start with “Devin” and work your way through them. To my understanding Toye is producing more with a reveal that is ever widening to find out who and what this mysterious character is what the plans are for those that hold the chips.

Here is the synopsis:

New from Trestle Press authors: Chantal Boudreau “Weighing Fate”, Mark Cooper “How I met Your Mother”, Darren Sant “A Good Day”, Mark Miller “Daniel’s Lot” & “Meant to Be”, Wenona Hulsey “Burden of Blood”, Joan Meijer “The Rescue”, Robert Ford “The Curse of The Translucent Monster”, Laurie Bowler “Fangs, Inc. The Tortured Revelations”, Michelle Vasquez “Second Hand Bookstore”, Ed & Eunice Vought “Best Friends #4” , Thad Brown, “Lights Out”, William Tooker,”Bad Angels”, April Pohren, “Dream Me To Death”, Angelique LaFontaine & Eddie Frantom,”Thirty -1 Reckless”’ John Reed “Winter Hill Exhumed”, Allan Leverone/Paul D. Brazill ” The Darke Affair”, Julia Madeleine “The Devil’s Music: Raised in Hell”, Paul D. Brazill “Brit Grit”, Molly Edwards “The Willow Spring Killer”, John Reed ”Another Lousy Day in Paradise”, Alexandrea Weis “For You”from The NOLA series, and Giovanni The G-Man Gelati “Holy Chrome Bocce Balls on Fire”.               

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