It's been a busy month and not just because of Christmas! Here's what's been going on in my world:
1. My daughter celebrated her 2nd birthday - very exciting!
2. I've been looking for a new venue for the annual book launch hubby and I host for our family and friends. I've finally found the venue but now I'm organising invitations. It's hard to believe it's only 6 weeks until book 4, The Killing Hands, comes out in Australia and New Zealand.
3. I'm getting my website re-designed and have been looking for a new designer through It's on the way!
4. Fan Mail is now available as a mass market paperback in Australia and New Zealand. Just in time for Christmas!
5. Likewise, The Murderers' Club has been released in the smaller, mass market format in the US and Canada - also in time for Christmas. See the pattern?
6. I've also contributed to an interesting blog - how representative is page 69? You can see that post at

Anyway, all the best for the holiday season and I hope everyone else is doing better than I am with Christmas shopping : )


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