Digital short Satrurday A.J. Pompano The Sanibel Slouch (My Fisrt Kindle Read)

I know it isn’t Saturday, and yes I am happy to admit that The Sanibel Slouch by A.J. Pompano is the first read on my new Kindle. Am I trying to brag? No, I am fortunate to have received it as a gift from my
children. What I am trying to do is bring this blog and my reading habits up to
speed. I had plenty of doubts about whether I was going to enjoy using this
device to read. I mean to not hold a book in my hands and enjoy it. I have to
say it was a win-win for me as I got to read a very nice digital short and give
the Kindle a test drive. A dinosaur like me is tough sell. Changing the way I
read is not easy, but it became easy that quick.

The Sanibel Slouch was a departure for me with A.J. Pompano’s work. I am used to reading about his character Quincy Lazaro solving crimes, but not in this one, check it out:

“The Sanibel Slouch is a coming of age story set in the early 1970’s. Jack Esposito has driven Maggie, a woman twice his age and a close friend of his parents, to Florida. Somewhere between Connecticut and the
Sunshine State he became more than a driver. With his military deferment at
stake, he must wrestle with the decision to quit college and take up with his
new love, or to stay in school and live his father’s dream. When Jack thinks
that he has finally made a decision, everything falls apart and he is
confronted with mind blowing information that makes him realize the Age of
Aquarius is all around him.”

The Sanibel Slouch is a total 180 from the digital short stories I have read and posted on (The Copycat Didn’t Have Nine Lives, Driving Directions, Schools Out Forever-check our archives).It is an interesting
snapshot of someone’s life that has very little if any direction, although they
think they have one. The tale is quick, concise and telling. I am consistently
amazed each time I read one of A.J. Pompano’s digital shorts how he is able to
invoke so many different emotions in such a short word count and time span. I
have found that this is part of the reason I enjoy his work so much and
immediately sought out his work to be my first read on the new Kindle.

My plans are to start filling this new device up with as many fun and exciting reads as possible. I have found that actually reading the directions on how to use something for once pays dividends. To anyone that has
yet to use one of these contraptions, get one, they rock and are addictive. I
got lucky, a quality device, awesome present, great first read on it. A buck
buys a lot these days: download The Sanibel Slouch, or any of A.J. Pompano’s
other works for that matter, it is a win-win in anyone’s Kindle.

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