Digital Short Saturday Aaron Patterson 19

Today’s triple header of digital shorts has run a gambit of emotions for me, was read in less than 17,000 words, and arrived at a total cost of $1.98. The time invested was minimal, the joy gained much. I like that,
the min for the max, who doesn’t enjoy that type of thing. It was delivered in
seconds to my laptop, I read it in the color, size, and font I wanted, and if I
so chose I could have as easily read it via another form such as my Droid cell
phone from wherever I wished to read it. Win, win, win, digital shorts are fun,
exciting and they rock.

19 is my first read on any writing done by Aaron Patterson. I was intrigued and wanted to learn more about the man so I went directly to his publisher’s website, StoneHouse Ink, and checked things out. Impressive to
say the least, the website and the stable of Authors they have. I easily
navigated the site and read Patterson’s impressive bio, saw the other titles he
has published (Sweet Dreams, Dream On), their thumbnails, and also his soon to
be released novel ( In Your Dreams). I particularly had to read the synopsis of
In Your Dreams because I mistakenly thought it may be about my son , son-in
–law and my daughters boyfriends thinking they can beat me in basketball or any
Wii video game. Not much research need be done for that novel, but I quickly found out that was
not the case. I came to find it is something different altogether and looks
like a very nice read.

The digital short itself took me on a journey and a range of emotions that went from one side to the other. I enjoyed Aaron Patterson’s writing ability and the way in which he structured the plotline. I was amazed
at how he got me to be emotionally invested in his characters in such a short
space of time, swiftly moving the action of the story along to a moving
conclusion. Was it what I expected, no. Was it an enjoyable read, definitely, I
recommend it very much. The digital short and its uses are many and the
customer and the author both win. I wouldn’t hesitate now to try his full
length novels. For the price of $.99 I got the opportunity to look through the
author’s mind’s eye and gauge his style & substance, and both of us came
out winners in the end. I got to enjoy his hard work, his heart and soul, and
he gained a new customer and follower. Do yourself a favor, if you have been
holding back on giving these “new” do dads a go (the digital shorts), stop and
take the plunge, there are no losers here, everybody wins.

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