Digital Short Saturday Andy Frankham Allen One Mistake

Today we are taking it easy and only throwing two digital shorts at you. No explanation for it, just laziness on my part, sorry. I have been getting a lot of messages from readers chatting up the digital short and
their ability to be read in various places to help them get through the day. I
had not thought of many of them so here goes: at the train stop waiting for the
train, on the train, at their desks, in between commercials of their favorite
shows, the list keeps going. I enjoy reading them in between the full length
novels as it helps break things up for me and gives me a nice jolt of
satisfaction of having followed a story full circle in a short span.

One Mistake is an interesting 5080 word digital short that had my rapt attention. Andy Frankham-Allen had me hanging on every written word as I was not sure where the story was
going but I knew that something was coming around the corner. Don’t be misled
by the word count; this story packs a punch and has a deep seeded and sad
genesis. Here is a very brief description of what you will find: “When Robert
finds a business card in a phone booth advertising astral projection lessons,
he thinks he has stumbled upon a way to improve his ordinary life.
Unfortunately the instructor has much more sinister plans for his student. A
story from the bestselling author of Seeker and Off Flesh.”

I didn’t time myself when I read this, all I know is that the time went quickly as my eyes were flying through the read. I couldn’t turn the virtual pages fast enough. Frankham-Allen has written a very captivating,
taunt story that stayed with me for a while. As I read more novels, especially
those out of my comfort zone, I am enjoying them much more. This is definitely
something I wouldn’t normally have thought I would have gotten into, but the
writing is that strong , the emotion of the moments that well conveyed, that it
just sucked me into it and didn’t let go till the very last word. Do yourself a
favor and don’t make the One Mistake
in passing this up. Click the cover here at the post and download it from
Amazon to whatever platform you eread on.

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