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It is back, Digital Short Saturday , and I have a couple of serious new digital shorts to go over with you today. Both are new series, The Commissary by CQ  Scafidi and the next post is on THE NEXUS CHRONICLES /Conception by Skylyr Symkyns. To get some business out of the way CQ Scafidi is the author of Time Couriers, yes, that Time Couriers the novel that won many different awards: Best Eye Catching Cover- the new Covey Awards, and also The Amazon Clicks.Com /Authors Choice March 2009. Write this down or paste it into your Google calendar, this author, CQ Scafidi will enter The GZONE,our blogtalk radio show here @ Gelati’s Scoop, on Monday Feb.21 at 5pm. Get your questions ready or send them in to me, so I can ask them on air. What lies between the virtual covers of this action packed, politically charged, conspiracy story? Let’s see:

“Begin the journey with CQ Scafidi as he takes us into the world of The Commissary. Read as events unfold as seen through the eyes of two adolescents thrust into a chaotic world as all crumbles around them. “

The action takes place in Vatican City as two young kids are getting some groceries in the commissary of the US Consulate. An explosion happens and off they go. There is a great deal of intrigue, emotion, and action in the 5400 plus words he uses to get this series started. I went through this read rather quickly. CQ Scafidi grabbed me right away and I was totally taken and swept away with the emotion of the story. I have taken a break from the digital shorts since before Christmas, I found a huge winner here to get this day started again. A buck is a bargain for this bad boy. Personally I am looking forward to what he does with this series and the manner in which he uses this vehicle to further display his abilities. Time Couriers, which I am going to spotlight in a post next week, rose at one time to such heights on Amazon as No.4 in the conspiracy category, number 2 in Freemasonry behind Dan Brown, and numero uno in Voodoo. Just a hint here, he just dropped in the Kindle version of Time Couriers for the first time this week, and has set the price at $2.99.Basically you can get the two works by this author, CQ Scafidi, for less than $4. Now that is a bargain anywhere. 

Quality, intensity, and amazing insight are all contained within the virtual pages of The Commissary. I read this on my Kindle, loved every second of it, and wish there was more. Well, there will be more but I have to wait for it, that was the only bummer in the deal. One other thing you can do is click on the badge in the upper left corner of our blog; The Novel Spot badge, go there, sign up, and then join CQ’s group –CQ’s Seekers. I am sure there will be serious good banter to be had there. Hustle up and get in line @ The Commissary: it isn’t overpriced, there is no waiting line, it can downloaded wirelessly to your Kindle in less than a minute and it is a good read.

 What are you reading today? Have you checked out our new blogtalk radio show The GZONE? Check us out and become our friend on Shelfari, The Novel Spot &Twitter. Go to Goodreads and become our friend there and suggest books for us to read and post on. Did you know you can shop directly on Amazon by clicking the Amazon Banner on our blog?  Thanks for stopping by today; We will see you tomorrow. Have a great day.






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