Digital short Saturday H.R. Toye Debtor's Chip/Devin

I was bowled over by this debut digital short story by H.R. Toye: great narrative, intense content and a very nice hard-boiled read. This is going to be a series and I for one am all for that; keep them coming. The author has created a world that has been built on misery, misfortune, and bad choices. The first character basically seems to have the ideal life, the ideal wife and the ideal job. Drop the $.99 on this story and read how H.R. Toye strips this guy down to his barest of emotions and needs. How far can someone fall? How far will they go? This is an author to have on your radar. Check out the synopsis of the story:

“Pay up or else! Debtor’s Chip deals with the downward spiral of the life of a man that seemingly had it all yet decided to let it all slip between his fingers. Heather Toye’s new digital short series is sure to make you gasp, cringe and shake your head. Getting to the heart of the matter like a chainsaw unleashed is soon to be Heather’s hallmark: dark, brooding, and hard-boiled from beginning to end, don’t miss Debtor’s Chip/Devin.

HR Toye lives with her husband and fellow author Cody Toye and son, Gideon in SW Missouri.  She is an avid reader and writer of thriller and suspense.”

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