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Saturday is upon us and here we go again, Digital Short Saturday. Each week that I investigate this new tool authors are using to help us see into their creative process, the more I am getting sucked into the
enjoyment of it. I happened upon this digital short because I became friends of
the author on Goodreads. We exchanged messages and he said as a side note, I
have some novels written but I don’t know if they are your thing, having
checked out my blog. I didn’t take it as a challenge, but I was intrigued. What
is so far out there about his work that I, Giovanni Gelati the G-man, would not
enjoy? I went to Smashwords , checked out his stuff there and began to read his
digital short that is absolutely free, no cost at all, Road Markers. It is a
7850 word digital short that I snapped up immediately and read as quickly as my
eyes would follow.

Road Markers is the story of a cellphone salesperson and the trials and tribulations that he is going through. Simple enough story, but at the same time very twisted. Jason McIntyre has penned a very interesting
narrative, and gets his points across very quickly, after all how long does it
take to digest 7800 plus words? Dean our salesperson goes through many mood
swings during the digital short and by the time we are getting to the ending we
are drawn into his life and begin to care about a character some would loath;
it is easy enough. The story moves swiftly, it is gritty, has plenty of emotion
and overall is nice neat package.

We have heard from heard from Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords, this week in our Wednesday Guest Post Q&A on some of the fine points of the site. If you haven’t stopped there and setup an account it takes
very little time and no money. What lies ahead for you after that is a new
world where authors like Jason McIntyre await you, to be discovered. They are
offering some of their work at no charge so you see their chops and decide for
yourself if you wish to purchase their full size novels at a small cost. I am
impressed by what I enjoyed, for me it is a simple choice and one I plan to
follow up on. Add Jason McIntyre to your Smashwords library, check out Road
Markers at no charge and go on an adventure and discover something new; I am
going to bet you find it is your thing. McIntyre’s forthcoming novel is the first in a dramatic
suspense trilogy called "Thalo Blue"
and it will be available in mid-September:

“A young man on the brink of true adulthood, Sebastion Redfield experiences the trauma of his life when a trespasser breaks into his home. Sebastion and the psychiatrist
assigned to help him recover from the break-in begin to unravel a more
disturbing truth about his ordeal: that someone or something has been following
Sebastion for some time...and he has no idea what kind of power and
determination it has to ultimately find him.” Check it out, mark your
calendars. Find him on the web here:

Also his full-length novel "On The Gathering Storm" is now available for Amazon's Kindle!! All you need to do is click on the picture of the novel at the beginning of the post or the one right here
at the bottom.

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blog? Thanks for stopping by today; We
will see you tomorrow. Have a great day.

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