Digital Short Saturday Julian Adorney Deals

Deals by Julian Adorney is a really neat read. It is told in a very short words count, 1730 words, but it packs one heck of a wallope. I didn’t know what to expect when I
received it, but very quickly I felt fortunate to get the read in. Here is a
synopsis of the digital short: “James is determined to provide a comfortable
life for his family, but when his college degree fails to provide the goods he
finds himself making deals he hadn't ever imagined. “

This was serious from the start and I can say that she moved the action rather quickly. The story raises many questions and sympathies. I would be interested to know where you fall on this and if you have any sympathy
for James. I am not going to give mine right now, as I have no desire to spoil
your enjoyment of the digital short. I would just say that don’t judge a story
by its word count, this packs a punch, and gets under the skin a bit. She has
put together a very good plotline and executed it well. Make a ‘Deal” with yourself, don’t pass this

News Flash from Julian Adorney herself: I have a contemporary fantasy short out on free podcast called 'Souls & Snowboarding', url is I'll also have a sci-fi thriller short coming out on Oct. 14, Murder, available
free at Cynic Online Mag.

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