Digital short Saturday Laurie Bowler Across The City

Hello and welcome to another edition of Digital short Saturday. Today I am going to have two posts and they both deal with stories that are part of a series. I like the series most of all because I enjoy the character development and the wanting more part of it. Business first though today: Laurie Bowler will be our guest on our blogtalk show The G-ZONE on Thursday Feb. 24th at 8am EST. Yes, for those of us that live in the USA I have 8am written there, Breakfast with Laurie. She lives across the pond in the UK so her time zone is a little different. Laurie will be having a late lunch, we will be having breakfast. Okay, enough said, to the story, here is what lies between the virtual covers:

“This is a Tale of Love and Loss: Two feuding Vampire Families, the daughter of one family falls in love with the son of the other. The attacks begin from both sides, and that is when the loss begins. When will it stop and who really is to blame? A new digital short story series from best- selling author Laurie Bowler author of Moon Rising, Vanquished, Sunrise to Sunset, Serena Embracing Darkness….  “

Here is a bit on the author:

“Laurie Bowler resides in Hampshire, a county located in the United Kingdom where she started writing fantasy fictions and romantic novels in 2009. She finds it fascinating to create stories, detailing emotions and brings the books’ characters to life. After reading hundreds of romance novels, she knew she wanted to write romance within the fantasy storyline, as she finds them both fascinating and adventurous hence where the first idea came to write such stories.

Her novels have been awarded "best read" in numerous book sites.

Laurie Bowler lives with her daughter and husband, whom she loves to spend time with along with two cats and two parrots. “

The vampire/paranormal/romance thing is starting to grow on me. Having good stories to read in this genre is an added plus. I will be posting on one of her full length works also this week as we get closer to the interview. Her style and substance is evident. There is a reason her work is so popular. Having it in this form, the digital short story, made it doubly enjoyable. Versatility is now something Laurie Bowler can add to her resume. A few things I would like to mention made this a special read for me:

-She is a citizen of the U.K. and as such writes with a flair and syntax that is not an everyday thing for me. Subtle differences in the way things are described or dialogue changes made it sound fresh and new.

-Bowler’s characters have a charm and heart to them even when they are sinking their teeth into something or someone. She makes it sound fun to be a vampire.

-Love and Loss is so much more fun when you hear a British voice in your head describing it. I haven’t heard her voice yet, I will this Thursday, so I have chosen the various voices of Monty Python for my in head narrators. They of course will be replaced by Laurie’s once I hear it. Maybe she will sing the Lumberjack song for us also. I will ask.

-Finally, I have no desire to find out who is to blame for all this love and loss. Am I being cruel, no, I just don’t want the series to end any time soon, I enjoyed it too much. Thankfully she is finishing the next installment series soon.

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