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Hello and welcome to the weekend! For me that means more work, but I am not complaining. Being busy is good right? As I am writing this, we are getting the Improvised Digital Short Story rolling and the first two authors are composing their pieces of the story. The three words they get to use are: Bartender, Library, and Dumpster. It should be interesting. Check in to the G-ZONE later today, around 2:30 to 3pm as I interview Robert Ford, author of Fall of Grace, from the World of Hek Series, right before we read the stories the authors have created. I am also going to float the covers created for the stories on my Facebook wall, check them out and please feel free to leave a comment. Okay to this morning’s post, Anne’s Unknown Guardian, what is in the virtual pages?

“Trestle Press award winning author S.R. Edvalson lets us enter the world of her undercover detective police character, Andrew Cartright. He is a man that gets the job done any under circumstances and vets out justice as he sees fit. An old school detective, he has an astonishing record of achievement that borders on folk lore and fairy tales, but is all too true.  Download this emotional, heartfelt and explosive short story and find out what is so unique and engrossing about this character and what is so amazing about her writing.”

What was the strong point of this digital short story? Besides S.R. Edvalson’s strong narrative, she has created a great character in Andrew Cartright. I honestly fell in love with the character and his machismo very fast. He is a well- crafted character that is built for the long haul. For me the best part of him and her writing is that she can take this in so many different directions with the guy. Future installments could include not just continuing on in his life but prequel material as well. What made him what he is? What are some of the tales that the men and women of his unit talk about so much? How he got his rep and what was his early life like? The amount of intrigue about this guy and the mystique she has created around him is just intense and palpable. I don’t see what more one could ask for in a digital short story. To my understanding this is part of a much larger work and we will be getting a full dose of Mr. Andrew Cartright soon, Happy Days.

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