Digital Short Saturday S.W. Barger Girls Night Out

Every day I go on this world wide web of ours and try to further my limited knowledge of this thing called the digital short; I am constantly amazed. Today I am posting on two different stories, two different
franchises by S.W. Barger that are incredibly fun, good, and quick reads. I
didn’t have to go to the library to pick them out, no delivery person came to
my door with them. And the whole process was interactive to the point that I
could even fire off correspondence to the author all within a matter of
minutes, all while chilling at my desk.

Authors like S.W. Barger need to be found, read and enjoyed because the quality of their writing is there, the plotline is sound, the action is quick and nary a word wasted. His Zoe Scarlatti digital short Girls
Night Out has a word count of 1970 words. They pack a mean punch in such a
condensed form. The story is quick, concise, action packed, and filled with a
wry sense of humor. I like the opposites
that he presents in his male/female digital shorts, that is why I went with
posting twice today. I read this short on my laptop, but just as easily could
have done so from my Droid phone. Office workers would have a field day with
this. A short mental break from reports, meetings, or solitaire, this is just
the cure for the doldrums at your desk. The power of the digital short is
amazing. The cost is less than a twenty ounce bottle of soda, water, or coffee.
The time spent with it longer, and the lasting value is intrinsic.

Go out on a limb and remove yourself from your comfort zone. The digital short is going to be a player in this new digital age of publishing, whether it is by a traditional publishing house, or self-published
by the likes of Smashwords. The digital short is too much fun, especial in the
hands of someone like S.W. Barger. Girls Night Out, Metro 97 they deserve to be
seen, heard from, and enjoyably read. They are quality works of fiction and can
be had at a very reasonable price.

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