Digital Short Saturday S.W. Barger Instrument Flight Rules

Happy Saturday to you and yours. You are wondering, didn’t I review some S.W. Barger work in the past? Yes I have, I posted on both of his character’s, Jack Carlyle and Zoe Scarlatti many Saturday’s ago. Please feel
free to reference the archives if you missed them. Instrument Flight Rules is a
Jack Carlyle digital short and the word count on this is 5150 words of fun. The
reason I went back to this character is that I like him very much, he grew on
me, and I wanted to read what he was doing next. There is still one more
digital short in the collection that I haven’t covered, Creole Orientation.
Let’s get to it shall we.

Here is S.W. Barger’s description of Instrument Flight Rules as I pulled this off of the Smashwords site:

” Al-Qaeda family values - in the new world order. People watching, for fun and profit.” A very short description to say the least. Here is the plotline, Carlyle is sent aboard an airplane flight to stop a terrorist
attack on the plane. He and his partner basically have a few hours to put the
plan they hatch into motion and save the plane and the passengers. S.W. Barger
mixes in plenty of attitude with Carlyle and the dialogue is fast and the
action furious. There is enough humor and wisecracks for a word count twice
this size. I enjoy how much Barger packs into each installment of the Jack
Carlyle series.

NEWS FLASH from S.W. Barger himself:” I am currently working on a proposal for an episodic television series featuring Zoe Scarlatti.

Barger's first Jack Carlyle novel, Deep Vice, should be out in the second quarter of 2011. Carlyle and partner Joe Rodriguez try to untangle a web of deception and depravity that stretches from a client’s wanton
daughter, to the dangerous tentacles of South Florida’s organized crime
network. But who’s really pulling the strings?”

Have you had the chance to give the digital shorts a read yet? If you haven’t what is holding you back? I have gotten messages from readers all over the globe telling me the different ways they read them and the
places they enjoy reading them. To get away from my laptop sometimes, I read
them on my Droid cellphone, and it gives me a nice break from my little work
area that I have set up. Different readers have told me they read them on the
train platforms ,the trains themselves, break areas at work, coffee shops,
restaurants if they are alone, one of the kid’s soccer games at halftime… the
list goes on and on. My take on it, is that the digital short is like takeout
food for the mind. There are so many genres now into this phenomenon that it is
almost across the board. You want something quick, you want it now, and you
want to ingest it in a short period of time, boom, there you go the digital
short. Available on too many platforms to mention, the list is so big. What do
read your digital shorts on and where? Come on be honest.

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today; We will see you tomorrow. Have a great day.

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