Digital Short Saturday Tor Richardson Starting Over

It is that time of the week again as I try to bring you some fun in the digital short world. Stories that are compact, concise and feel like you just held a firecracker in your hand right until it exploded. Today is Tor
Richardson and his 5500 word digital short Starting
I really enjoyed the way he laid this one out. Before we get into it
though, just know that you can support this author and his fun work by clicking
on the cover right here because it is available for your Kindle from Amazon.
What no Kindle? You can get that too. But seriously, if you are Kindleless,
then you can go to Smashwords and get it in the digital form you need. I read
it on my laptop; it was fun, quick and incredible.

Tor Richardson has done a really nice job of creating a central character that we come to understand his motivations and desires rather quickly. I am not going to spoil anything here but the guy is an identity
thief. Does he really understand whose identity he is stealing every time he
does it? Richardson uses every one of the 5500 words of the story to get us to
the ending; it is an engrossing read and one that I don’t hesitate to suggest
you enjoy. He puts in a few twists, turns and surprises. Here is a little bit
from the description of the story from Smashwords: ”Fred Turner lives the good
life -- at your expense. With stolen credit cards and borrowed identities he
rides the highest lifestyle, but never for too long. Tricking others into
stealing his stolen cards, he leaves them to face the law while he moves on,
starting over with his next unknowing victim. It's always the perfect crime.
Until the day he steals the wrong identity.”

I am seeing a real move toward this type of writing as more and more authors are embracing the digital short. Have you given it a try yet? If not, why not? If you have, what have you been reading? I continue to scour
the internet for new material. Are you an author that has done this type of
work or a reader that has been able to find a ready source of this type of
material? I would enjoy hearing from you, give me a shout please.

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