Digital Short Saturday True Stories Vincent Zandri

I find that many things are true in this world, one of which is that I have quickly become a big fan of Zandri’s. He penned another digital short available from StoneHouse Ink- True Stories. The digital short is 4560
words of pure emotion; I was totally wiped out when I was done reading it. The
naked emotion he is able to convey in his brief narrative is nothing short of

The cover has been done by Zandri’s son, a very nice personal touch. This is a story that is emotionally charged and filled with pain and naked emotion. I am usually into lighter stuff but Zandri had me
totally locked into the story very early, and I couldn’t pry myself away from
it. The execution of the story is concise and heartfelt, making it that much
more difficult to even hesitate or think of interrupting this quick read. For
the minimal cost of $.99 this story will stay with you for a while.

Vincent Zandri has many novels to his credit; this is one of my favorites, even though it is a digital short. I am constantly amazed at the way he can get his point across in a different manner each time out. True
Stories for me though is Zandri at his best. The feelings I had after the read
left me raw. The dynamics of a family laid out over a short period of time in
its history, executed in such a short word count, with the punch that it packs
is amazing.

This is another example of why the digital short has a place in anyone’s reading rotation. The cost of the product is low, the emotional effects and quality high; there are no losers here. I have been fortunate to
try reading the shorts in many different ways and experienced many different
styles over the last few weeks. I have yet to hit a bummer. Yes, I know if I
did I wouldn’t have told you, but I have yet to do so. Part of the fun for me
has been the discovery process, hunting for the digital shorts and finding new
authors with new things to read and experience. The fact that they don’t take
long to read and have brought me to different ranges of emotion have helped
also. Have you given the digital short an honest try yet? If you haven’t , give
True Stories a go or go back through our archives and try one of the other
authors, there should be no disappointment there.

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