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I don’t know if there is a hotter author out there right now. I mean someone that is just pumping out quality material and having it hit a nerve. Vincent Zandri is just all that and more: he is putting out novels,
digital shorts, giving engaging interviews to the media and playing the drums
in the band BliSTeRz. The reason I mention the last, is that on Thursday, Turkey
Day, Thanksgiving I am going to be
running a few things on the blog, and he is mostly it. I will be running his
past guest posts, our thoughts on his novels, his digital shorts, and a couple
videos from the band he is in. I strive to present the fullest picture
possible. Thursday, please feel free to sit in front of your computer and
relive the moments with me, or just go through our archives and have a good
time, whatever is best for you.

Moonlight Mafia is Zandri at his hard boiled best. It seemed like I just started to read it and Bam! It was done. For me to say I don’t grove on his style and enjoy the substance of his writing would be a lie. The
description of the digital short is as follows:”

Richard “Dick” Moonlight is back!

In the bestselling Moonlight Falls (RJBuckley, 2009) he barely survived his own suicide attempt, not to mention numerous attempts on his life from a gang of Russian thugs operating an illegal organ harvesting
operation out of a Saratoga Springs restaurant. Now the former Albany Police
Department detective is forced to go through life (or in some cases,
near-death) with a piece of .22 caliber bullet lodged in his brain. Since it’s
pressed up against his cerebral cortex, it often affects his decision making
ability. On occasion it can cause him to pass out or erase his short term
memory. He could also die at any moment should the bullet suddenly shift. In a
word, Dick Moonlight is one train wreck of an individual.

In this digital short, the too often unemployed private detective is hired by an anonymous client (“John Smith”) to bring down a Mafia wise guy who’s using a used car lot as a front for illegal gambling activity.
At least, that’s what Moonlight is led to believe. According to the job
description, he is to answer a want ad for a salesman position at the same used
car lot and thereby secretly infiltrate the illegal operation. Sounds like a
piece of cake.

Problem is, when Moonlight heads over to the used car lot to answer the ad, he decides to pay a quick visit to the bar next door and have a couple of quick “Jacks” to loosen himself up. But when he opens the big heavy
door on his late father’s pride and joy 1978 “Cadi” hearse, it gets away from
him and dings the passenger-side of the brand spankin’ new black Dodge Ram
parked beside it. What Moonlight doesn’t realize as he pretends to ignore the
Ram’s damage is that the door he just dinged belongs to his new would-be boss.
And his would-be boss is not only in the Mafia, he’s no stranger to torturing
and killing people for fun!”

The fee to take this ride is $.99.There is no rollercoaster on the planet that you can get on for less .This is one fun ride, filled with great characters, good dialogue , plenty of humor, tension and action. Dick
Moonlight is an excellent character and one that I hope that I get to enjoy for
many more stories to come. Vincent Zandri is fast becoming a force not just in
novels but in the world of digital shorts. He also has penned two other digital
short stories: Pathological and True Stories, both excellent, feel free to
check the archives or wait till Thanksgiving when I repost them. As long as he continues to write, I will
continue to read. The man can just flat out write and invoke a reaction out of
me, I love it. What is your favorite Zandri novel or digital short?

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