Digital Short Saturday Wade J. McMahan Bite This! A Richard Dick Mystery

The weekends are so much fun here; we are coming at you twice today with digital shorts by Jason McIntyre and the author featured in this post Wade J. McMahan. These stories are polar opposites and it is nice to
feature them both on the same day to exemplify the diversity that awaits you at
Smashwords. I found both authors there, but their works can be found elsewhere
as well. Bite This! Can be found on just about any platform you
chose; Untreed Reads is his publisher and they have listed it extensively. I don’t hesitate to say
to stop by their website; it is a very busy site with a very rich content. We
will be featuring many of their authors in the days and weeks to come. Here is
the link: .

Bite This! A Richard Dick Mysteryis 2510 words of fun and slapstick. It doesn’t take long to understand that tongue and cheek is the
call word here and that the idea behind the digital short is to purely
entertain rather than to shock or surprise. I don’t want to give any of the
story away, but for the small word count, the author packs a lot into it. Mr.
Dick, excuse me Richard, is a busy guy, I mean work wise. The tale that is told
is fun and the cure for a case of the frowns. Wade J. McMahan’s descriptive
style and ability to impart so much in the way of action and humor in such a
short period of time made the experience that much better for me. The set-up and
delivery of the plotline was concise and very engaging. The characters were
spot on and used well. I was amazed at how much I got out of it and was happy
to follow along and laugh; it was a very pleasant read. Wade McMahan has landed
not one, but two spots on the bestseller list for his digital
shorts. For more on that please go to: .

I didn’t time myself while I read the story, but it was a nice quick hit of a read. The price on the digital short is $1.50 that is about the same as a 20 oz. soda or a pack of gum now. I have this in my Smashwords
library now and I can revisit any time I wish. The soda bottle is on its way to
the recycling bin already. I think you get my point here. The digital short is
fun, I can call them up on laptop at a whim or read them if I want on my
cellphone. The length of them makes them perfect for a brief respite from the
everyday doldrums or pressures of the day. Trust me on this; if you can’t get a
chuckle or two from this digital short, then your funny bone is broken, please;get
it fixed. Give Bite This! a chance,
click the tab and download it to your favorite type of ereader.

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