An artist paints a crime scene in reverse perspective and turns a murder investigation backwards--onto her friends. DISTORTION is a gritty Houston mystery on the backstreets of the art world. Here's a link to pick it up for 99 cents.

I've been rather tied up with short projects and with writing the sequel, PARADOX, so the anniversary sort of snuck up on me, but Buzz Books apparently remembered. Thanks! It's been a great year because of the readers and the great Buzz team.

Some other forthcoming projects include my "In a Shard of the Bedroom Mirror" in the Veils, Halos and Shackles anthology from SUNY's Charles Fishman and Smita Sahay, plus my ongoing features for Art Focus Oklahoma.

My brain surgery recovery is progressing just fine. Thanks to a brief run of steroids from my family doctor, I no longer have those strange "brain reset" events, only still have regular brain swell and vertigo, though less of it. This is all normal for this surgery and I'm just grateful for the wonderful docs who have brought me this far.

But I can write now. Hooray! So my message this first anniversary is simple: I'm the luckiest person alive.

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