Donate to My Kidney Walk Team, Be a Character in My Next Maynard Soloman Story

Hear ye, hear ye: Here's how to appear as a character in the next e-book short story from the Maynard Soloman Funny Detective Storiesseries.

As some folks know, I received a kidney transplant in 2010 from a living donor. The donor is happy and healthy, and, no, I won't shut up about it. Not because I crave some sort of perverse attention, but because organ transplants have since become an important issue for me.

That's why I've partnered with the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) for so many fundraisers related to my creative writing. There's just no separating the two. Maynard Soloman, my satirical gumshoe and star of no less than seven short stories, is a direct result of my kidney transplant experience. Maynard provided a distraction, an outlet for venting, a way to process these events through humor and a mirror to project my own general unease at the time.

The first few stories filled that role. The ones that followed afterward were just me having fun. Although I've been skimping on new editions lately, that's something I hope to remedy soon.

And let's not forget Maynard's entry into the big time, either. He's the example character throughout my Writer's Digest book on writing firearms and knives accurately in crime fiction. That means he gets shot, stabbed, boomeranged, shot again, ran over, blown up, audited and softly served through an ice cream machine into a waffle cone for for the benefit of the writing community. (OK, maybe not that last one.)

Anyway, back to the kidney thing. Here's the deal. The NKF is hosting the 2013 Twin Cities Kidney Walk on Oct. 12. The purpose is to raise funds to continue the excellent work the NKF does for kidney patients, research and advocacy. My wife and I put together a team, and we're serious about hitting our goal of $2,000.

Because this is a cause so personal and important to me, I'm proposing a deal:

What You Do

* Donate ANY amount to my Kidney Walk team here. (P.S. I don't touch the money, it is all processed online and goes straight to the NKF.) 

* Then e-mail me the receipt from NKF at bsobieck [at] journalist [dot] com.

* In that same e-mail, let me know what name you'd like the character to have in the Maynard Soloman e-book. You could use your real name (example: Biff Biffson) or a totally made up one (Biff...uh...Anderson). It's up to you.

What I Do for You

In exchange for your generosity, I'll do the following:

* Make you a character in the upcoming Maynard Soloman short story, Maynard Soloman Helps the TSA Hijack an Airplane. Don't worry, this is satire, so I'm not advocating terrorism by any means. And remember that you can submit a fake name for me to use, too.

* You'll also receive a free Maynard Soloman e-book collection, 6 Funny Detective Stories - Maynard Soloman Smokes the World's Prob..., in the format of your choice (Kindle, Nook, etc.).

* Just to show how serious I am about this cause, you should know that my wife and I recently met with NKF in person to discuss volunteering for its strategic communications efforts. My promise to you is that we'll work our butts off to support NKF. This isn't some fly-by-night cause. This is something that means a lot.

Deadline: Oct. 11

The deadline to donate to my Kidney Walk team is Oct. 11, the day before the event.

Where to Get Started

Go to my Kidney Walk page here, read my kidney transplant story and donate right on the page.

Thank You!

Seriously. Thank you.

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