Double Top Ten Success for my Ripper Novels

I'm really proud and highly delighted today as I've just found out the my novel A Study in Red - The Secret journal of Jack the Ripper occupies not one, but two position in the bestselling 'Jack the Ripper' crime, Mystery, Thrillers chart at with the paperback edition standing at an incredible position of #2 and the Kindle edition not far behind at #5. I can hardly believe it.

Also, in the USA Legacy of the Ripper is at #7 and A Study in Red is at #9 in the same category chart at

What can I say but a great big thank you to everyone who continues to buy and enjoy my books. With a bit of luck maybe one day one of them will hit the #1 spot as a Study in Red did a couple of years ago. The fact it's still doing so well is simply amazing!

To check out the books simply click on the relevant Amazon link above and then click on the book cover on the Amazon page.

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