Call me crazy -- wait, don't do that. I'm just a little overly focused on the next task, which frustrates me in terms of creative work. I can't seem to write if there's something big on the horizon.

Take yesterday, for example. I direct a large community choir, and it was the day of our annual Christmas concert. I had everything ready to go by noon and the concert was at 7:30. Even with getting dressed and all that, I had a good five hours with nothing to do. Should be great writing time. Not. I can't focus on writing when there's something important in the way. So what did I do? Basically wasted the afternoon watching CSI reruns and fretting over the "what ifs" that don't respond to fretting but linger anyway.

I've heard of writers who jam in an hour in the morning before work or some time at night after the kids go to bed. It's admirable, but I usually can't do it. I know of other writers who carve out blocks of time when they say, "Everyone leave me alone for ___ hours, days, weeks, or months." That's more my style. I plan on the rest of December being no-big-commitment time: no speaking engagements, no community events that are my responsibility, nothing but day-trips, and probably short blog posts. Maybe I'll make some progress on putting all those things in my head down on paper. That would be a great Christmas gift to myself.

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