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All Mystery e-newsletter for 2011 is quickly filling up with small press and NY Times best sellers alike. This year’s issues will have monthly themes and starting Jan. 8th will feature Rhys Bowen, Carol Bridgestock, Geraldine Evans, & Simon Wood. Feb will be Romance, then Paranormal, Exotic locations, Funny Bones, Murder at Work, The Best in Self-published, The P.I.’s, Rx for Murder, Historical, An Unsuitable Job for a Woman & Cozies for Christmas.


Notice the issue on self-published? This is a detour from my author rule that you must be, or have been, published, at least once, in print.  That’s because I’ve recently read some incredible books that will never see ink to paper and now feel that I have to take it back…at least for one issue. If you’d like to be considered in the self-published issue, then send me a kindlized version, or PDF or MOBI of your book. I’ll chose at least two more for this issue.


For those of you who aren’t familiar with All Mystery e-newsletter, let me tell you what it is and isn’t:

·         It isn’t a website, though I have one for sign ups, author submittals, archived newsletters,  and, on the home page, a list of where I’ll be promoting this year and all the books covers.

·         It isn’t a review site

·         It isn’t interactive; you can’t win books here and you can’t put up your own books or review on it.

·         It is, however, a fast growing FREE e-newsletter that goes out to fans of mystery and suspense.

·         Authors provide all the colorful book covers, book blurbs & reviews.

·         A left-hand column with click throughs for author websites stays up for an entire year.

·         It’s still FREE.  

·          I don’t pluck books off the top NY Times best sellers list, instead, I invite authors to previewthe submittal page on the website and then submit via e-mail.   


I’m still accepting submissions for the year so take a look at the above categories and consider how you can get yourself some promotion that doesn’t require spending a dime or a dollar.

Warmest wishes for a happy & prosperous New Year!



I'm also going to be at several books fairs and conferences this year...anyone going to LLC Santa Fe, be sure to look me up!






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Comment by Margy Rydzynski on January 4, 2011 at 11:36am
Thank you for information about this. I just signed up for the newsletter. I'm also a self-published author, with one novel and some short stories.

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