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Maynard Soloman and the Job-Nabbin’ Illegal Immigrants
by Benjamin Sobieck
Format: Kindle (AZW)
Price: $0.99

Today we must recomend some sweet Kindle shorts for those that love freedom, old-timey talk, and the private dicks that solve all the world’s problems.

At 99-cents a pop, even the broke-est bastards among us can afford these penny pulps.

Written by crime fictionist Benjamin Sobieck, the Maynard Soloman shorts are worth every penny. Check out Maynard Soloman and the Job Nabbin’ Illegal Immigrants for a taste of this saucy P.I. and his mobile crime-solving Winnebago, and then collect ‘em all, including:

With a satirical take on everything from America’s war on drugs to immigration law to social security, Maynard Soloman is a mobile home-dwelling crime-fighting dynamo. He may not be the brightest bulb in the box, but he sure is amusing. Don’t miss his burger recipe, which may or may not cause you to snort your beverage. (LR)

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