This is going to be a weird month for me for two reasons. Right now my PC is at the repair shop, always a tense time. I wonder if it will recover from its ailments, if I will lose stuff I forgot to back up, and if the week they promised will turn plural. Using the laptop is okay, but it doesn't feel the same as going up to my office, sitting in the ergonomically correct position (well, I try), and getting down to business.

The second half of the month we'll be traveling, doing a triangle tour of Florida and ending up at Sleuthfest in Deerfield Beach. (If you're in the state, check out my itinerary at and see if our paths cross!) Again with the laptop, and who knows which days I'll have access to the Net.

Thus, I've decided that February will be a series of questions for readers and writers. Anyone who gets the urge can flesh out this blog by commenting, sort of a random guest blog. It should be fun and will hopefully generate interesting thoughts on this book thing.

So today's question: What character in mystery writing most intrigues you at the moment?
Of course, explaining why would be helpful, so feel free!

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