The producers of my play, Murder at the Pelican Club which is to be premiered in Liverpool on 26 November are looking for a Liverpool based Film Maker to make a Murder at the Pelican Club trailer, credited and looped all day in a venue in Liverpool. It will also be shown on You Tube, and excerpts on MySpace, Facebook plus other social networking sites. How exciting and what a fantastic opportunity for someone. Great exposure and experience. So come on all you budding young film makers please get in touch with the producers, Hall Lake Productions on or via Facebook or via
The Actors

I’ve met a couple of the actors now– via Facebook – and they seem great. I’m waiting for some more information from the producers but here is what I have so far. Eryl Lloyd Parry, a very experienced actor, is to play Inspector Doyle and I must say he looks the part. And Eels, my laconic barman, is to be played by a talented young actor called James Wolstenholme. More to follow later with photographs. You can check out Murder at the Pelican Club on

Meanwhile the new (fourth) DI Horton Marine Mystery is coming along well, and I've just received a contract from my publishers for the third DI Horton marine mystery crime novel called DEAD MAN'S WHARF, which has a publication date of April 2009.

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