Finished writing DI Andy Horton number ten, now writing the next crime novel

At the weekend I finished writing DI Andy Horton number ten. It's always a scary moment when I press 'send' on the keyboard and a new crime novel wings its way through the ether to my publisher, Severn House. I wonder could I have done better? Should I have rephrased something or added or omitted something? But it's done. Now I wait to see if my publisher likes it. Fingers crossed.

Meanwhile it's on with writing the next crime novel, which I have already begun researching and fleshing out the characters and although I am working on DI Andy Horton number eleven I am also working on a new crime series featuring a new hero. But don't worry Andy Horton will be back.

In the meantime you can enjoy reading others in the series featuring the flawed and rugged DI Andy Horton and the latest, Undercurrent, which is now available in hard cover to buy and on loan from libraries in the UK and Commonweatlh. Those of you in America will have to wait a little longer because it comes out in the USA on 1 May 2013. It will also be released as an ebook on 1 May 2013.

The others in the DI Horton series are available as ebooks, in paperback, hardcover and some are also available in Large Print and as audio books.

I have now written and had published twelve crime novels which includes two stand alone thriller crime novels featuring Alex Albury inIn For The Kill, and Adam Greene in In Cold Daylight.

This new novel will be my thirteenth. I'm not superstitious except to say that thirteen has always been my lucky number, so maybe I am.

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