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We now return this blog to its regularly scheduled program. lol

This was my main thrust at the Sisters in Crime meeting. I discussed my fitness regimen, how I workout. Then I related those workouts to writing. So, let's spend a few weeks on just this aspect.

I discussed my workout regimen in that I have a lottery system that determines what I do from day to day (or day to the day after tomorrow or the day after that, depending on the opportunity, how my body feels, etc.) On slips of paper I've written the four types of workouts with two of them having subsets of two each. Confused? Don't worry, I'll explain when the time comes. Amway, the four choices are: WarriorXFit, Running, Biking, and Form work.


A couple of years ago I discussed with my instructor about upping the intensity of my workout. He suggested If you've seen some of my Facebook posts, they celebrate my 'victories' each time I achieve them. And even if I don't achieve one or two, I've still won because I exercised.

WarriorXFit is a series of six exercises (chosen from an array of over 180). You perform six sets of each exercises, twenty seconds on, ten seconds off. Again, six times, counting each rep. Take basic pushups. Twenty seconds of as many pushups as you can, counting each one, then ten seconds rest. That's one set.

Each day, there's a new set of exercises. Always, though you start with two cardio exercises (I discussed that last week) then two exercises using the resistance tube, then one set without, then the sixth one with the tube again. Based on the personal information (age, weight) you give the system, they set a goal for the number of reps to attain. The cool thing is that if you aren't very good at one thing, you can make it up on another exercise because it's the total number of reps from all six exercises that count. For instance, those pesky pushups. My shoulder has had problem lately, and I was never good at PU's anyway. So I don't do so well. However, I can kick butt on the calf exercise (and no, that doesn't mean I play with baby cows).

You get a certain number of victories and you move up in 'rank', just like in taekwondo. Takes about twenty minutes a day, all you need is the resistant tube, and space to workout. My living room works just fine. You will sweat and your muscles will ache. The first time I did the calf exercise I could barely walk on the second day. Now, though, I love them and the last time I did them I cranked out 391 reps.

To transition this into writing, the idea is to try to write something different each time. Outline, detail the outline, a paragraph, a chapter, 5000 words, details on an idea for a new story, research questions, one scene, editing, write longhand, type on the computer, record your story to write later.

Part of the discussion at the meeting was that we all agreed that recording the story is not that good an idea. It just doesn't sound right. But, maybe for somebody out there, it could work. The whole idea though, is to try something different, once again, setting the goal, and doing your best to be victorious.

Next week: Running.

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