I am happy that my life has moved-on from that unfathomable pain in the past. I am happy that I am with you now. As I see you walking on the corridor always wearing your formal dresses, it feels like hope had touched my heart again. I dedicate this to you, for even though you cannot read this, I know fate will find a way to touch you with my words.

You’ve helped me in times of my pain and anguish, as I’ve comforted you in times of your sorrow and misery. How I wish we could get through whatever burden fate gave us in our daily lives. I consider you my new life and new hope; my means of correcting my mistakes once and for all.

As I always tell myself, I will never try my best to make our relationship work, but I will do my every best to make this relationship work out. I love you my dearest sweetheart. Thank you for giving me hope in times of my hopelessness, thank you for holding my hand every time I fall down and feels numb inside. You were given to me by God and I will always cherish you until the end of our days.

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