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Mass murder and serial killers just seem to go together so why not have two in the same story. In fact why not have one serial killer try to bring the other to justice?  And to top it off why not make the deal sweeter by…? Wait I can’t tell you that part; it would be a spoiler. I don’t do that, sorry. Here is the deal on this installment: Jeffrey Martin has come up with an insanely great character that is, well, insane, and to boot he is a serial killer with certain tastes. I would prefer not to say what those tastes are but they are twisted and demented as serial killers go. What else can you expect from Jeffrey Martin? 

“Forsaken” has many elements in it, horror and suspense being the main ones. I have injected a bit of humor into it, but the thrust of the story and the driving force is the race to bring this serial killer to justice. To do that G.S.I. must unleash Peter Bater, the serial killer, to not just catch the other serial killer, but to stop him in cold blooded fashion. One thing Jeffrey Martin is very good at is building tension, and he does it in spades in this story. To say that you get plenty of bodies, blood,and bang for your $.99 is an understatement. Now with the incentive that Trestle Press has going you can get even more bang, by purchasing “Forsaken” that entitles you to another free installment of the series so just message Jeffrey Martin at the many places you can find him or myself and send proof of purchase from Amazon Kindle or Barnes & Noble Nook and tell us which installment in the series you also like to read. Your basic BOGO, not too shabby.

Here is the synopsis and a little something on the authors:

“A calling card written in blood is the signature for a killer roaming the hills of Cutter’s Pass. Detective Steve Creighton and his team from Gelati Scoop Investigations have been assigned the grisly task to stop the madman at all cost. What they discover sends them on a manhunt, leading to one of their own. Will they be able to stop the one who calls himself Forsaken, before he quenches his taste for an inhumane delicacy? Only time will tell…”

Jeffrey Martin Jr.

Jeffrey Martin is currently a law enforcement officer in the Midwest. Using a strong law enforcement platform, he creates terrifying tales in the suspense/thriller and horror genres. His first two novels, Lucifer’s Calling and Deadly Demented, follow a killer bent on vengeance. His latest novel, 3:16, features the concept of social networking being the medium of a serial killer. Two of his short stories, “Dead Holiday” and “Red, White and Blood,” follow Mark Blankenship, Chief of Police and all-around trouble magnet. He also was a winner in the Trestle Press Spring Submission Contest, with the digital short, “House of Misery.” Since that publication, Jeff has released the follow-up, “Misery Unleashed.” Jeff is working on several projects, including another short story with Mark Blankenship, entitled Cupid’s Kill.  Full works in progress include, Weaving Evil, Death is Only a Click Away, Death Map, and his first full length horror novel, Raining Blood.  

When not working and writing, Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife and three daughters.

Learn more about Jeff by visiting his website at 

Here’s a little bit about Giovanni Gelati. “Writer of the Fictional Book Blog Gelati's Scoop; Host of the Blogtalk Radio Show The G-ZONE; Marketing and Social Media Consultant; Graphic Design Artist; Owner and Operator of G-ZONE Media; and Published Author with Trestle Press of "I Have Chrome Balls,Don't You?" and "Holy Chrome Bocce Balls on Fire?" an In Between The Collaborations Digital short Story", "Down Low-Dead" , "The Jersey Shore Has Eyes" , "G.S.I. Gelati's Scoop Investigations,Psychotic Detectives","Who Whacked The Blogger", "Thad and The G-Man's Most Awesome Adventure", "Hotel Beaumont","Bring Us Your Living... Now!" , "The Edge of Cataclysmic", "The Ultimate Six-Pack", "Fangs,Inc." ,"A Prince in Trenton,Seriously?", "Bar Anticipation from The Bar Series", "Dueling Microphones" with Rose A. Valenta , "Down Under Dead" with Sylvia Massara, "The Fairy GodFather" with Rie Sheridan Rose, "The Rescue" with Joan Meijer,  "Fangs, Inc. 2 The Tortured Revelations" with Laurie Bowler, "Winter Hill Exhumed" with John Reed, and the soon to be released "Mrs. G's Vampires" part of Fangs ,Inc, "Forsaken" with Jeffrey Martin ,Jr., "Clone Zone" with Cody Toye, "Two Johns" with Sam Lang, and "The Ultimate Six Pack II".                                   

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