FOUR Great Reviews of Maynard Soloman Series

Opened up my e-mail this morning to see that author/reviewer Chantal Boudreau had reviewed all four of the Maynard Soloman short.... She loved 'em even though crime fiction humor isn't her normal cup of tea. It's proof the Ol' Badger has what it takes to reach beyond genre boundaries.


She writes:


Detective stories are not tales from a genre I tend to read, but Maynard is also not the usual hard-boiled private dick. This series of digital shorts is uproariously amusing and the lead character is irreverent and unapologetic. Add in elements of political satire and I found these stories well worth the read, even if they weren’t my typical selection.


Click here to read these FOUR reviews. Every installment is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and all other fine e-book retailers.

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