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Get a free Trestle Press e-book


From now until Sunday, Jan. 22, 2012, Trestle Press will be having a BUY-ONE-GET-ONE FREE E-BOOK SALE. All Trestle Press titles (including my Cleansing Eden crime novel and Maynard Soloman short story series) are part of this BOGO free e-book sale. Click here to see all Trestle Press titles available.


To get the freebie, readers only need to:


1)Send proof of purchase of a Trestle Press e-book to (that's me) or


2)Let us know what free e-book you'd like and in what digital format (i.e. PDF, .epub, .mobi, etc.).


This is the perfect time to load up on free e-books you'd actually want to read. The crime fiction selection Trestle Press offers is fantastic, including authors such as Paul D. Brazill, Vincent Zandri, Julia Madeleine, Nigel Bird, B.R. Stateham and Graham Smith, just to name a few.


Click here to see all the titles Trestle Press has available on Ama....


Need a recommendation? Pick up a couple of my Maynard Soloman crime fiction humor short stories. If you buy two, you'd get the other half of the series for free. You may also want to peruse the Trestle Press titles I've reviewed.


Good reading, and enjoy those free e-books!

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