Free Through Feb. 26: "Cleansing Eden" Crime Novel

Don't wait! The Cleansing Eden crime thriller novel is back as an e-book on digital bookshelves. To kick things off, this 5-star e-book is yours for free through Sunday, Feb. 26 exclusively on Amazon.

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When an eccentric businessman recruits drug addict Nick Eden to test a strange substance called Bluegrasse, he jumps on the chance at free dope, food and shelter.

As Nick's addiction grows, he realizes these things won't be free for long. The businessman's twisted sense of morality manipulates Nick into murdering "pedophile" celebrities. As much as he wants to, Nick can't stop killing. Just like he can't kick Bluegrasse.

As the body count rises, Nick must choose which Eden will receive the ultimate cleansing of sin: The entertainment Eden of Hollywood or the Eden in the mirror. Either way, someone's going to die.

"Cleansing Eden is a highly suspenseful read. Benjamin Sobieck has an inventive way with words. He writes with a voice that's strong and uniquely his." – Debbi Mack, New York Times bestselling author of the Sam McRae series

Click here to get Cleansing Eden free from Amazon.

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