From a crime fiction novel author where murder was not the crime....

Like so many of us, while quick to learn some skills in other ways I seem to be a bit slow, especially if I don't just keep going way after having grown angry and frustrated...but calming down before even trying to proceed.  One example of this is the time involved with catching on to things like blogging. 

The Sheriff of Marion County is fed up with a local villain.  With only half of what he needs to make a bust, his hands are tied by the law.  Frustrated, and desperate for help, the Sheriff turns to the Mayor. 

How do a Father, a career burglar, an attorney and a bounty hunter team up to unravel the mystery of a local white collar drug dealer?  

Find out in this extraordinary tale of unlikely team work and a little magic set just next door to the real Indianapolis!


Uranian Fiction


 Uranian Fiction

[No, that's not a mistake]

An Adventure in Indianapolis

Kindle version of An Adventure in Indianapolis

There is work in other genres that I have also done.  Most of that is invisible 'ghost writer/ no byline'.

Uranian Fiction displays many samples but there is even more.

Here is one example:

Five Big Questions in Life

This isn't crime fiction at all; this is introductory Western philosophy.

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